Carrying On An Illegal Tobacco Business / Fine With Conviction

Case: Jail Avoided for Carrying On An Illegal Tobacco Business.

Client was charged by police after raiding a gift shop and seizing over $100,000 worth of illegal tobacco and e-cigarettes. The client was working at the gift store and was charged with 4 charges in relation to the search warrant that was conducted. His charges related to the selling and posession of the tobacco and e-cigarettes and also failing to pay over $100,000 in tax.

Charges/ Ch1 (Carry On Illegal Tobacco Business and Avoiding Excise Duty); Ch2 (Possess Schedule 4 Poison); Ch3 (Supply Poison Without Authorisation); Ch4 (Carry on Tobacco Business Knowing Good Were Prohibited)

Result/ Withdraw Ch2, 3, 4; Plea Ch1:$2,000 fine with conviction

We negotiated with police prosecutions on multiple occasions and they agreed to withdraw 2 of the more serious charges involving the sale of the tobacco and e-cigarettes and avoiding excise duty (tax). We then subsequently had the summary of facts on the brief reduced by almost half.  This gave an opportunity for us to seek a sentence indication on the remaining charges.

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