Drink and Drug Driving / Skills Connect

Case: Drink & Drug Driving after a big night out.

Our client went out drinking the night before and slept at a friends house. Woke up early to get to his job as an apprentice electrician and was pulled over by police and was charged with both drink and drug driving.

Charges/ Ch1 (combination drink and drug driving);  Ch 2, 3 (drink driving); Ch 4, 5 (drug driving)

Result/ Ch 2 to 5 withdrawn; Ch1: Placed on Skills Connect program with 12 months mandatory loss of licence

Our lawyer submitted that our client was a youthful offender and under pressure as a young apprentice and thought he was ok to drive after a big night out at the casino. Magistrate was of the view that client had high prospects of rehabilitation and placed client on the Skills Connect program.

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