Drive In A Manner Causing Loss Of Traction / Withdrawn

Case: Police Mistaken Squealing Tyres For a Burnout.

Our client accelerated into a corner after the traffic light turned green. Police in a nearby police car heard a squealing noise and intercepted our client and impounded his vehicle for 30 days. Police told our client he did a burnout. Our client refuted that claim and said he had noisy tyres.

Charges/ Ch1 (Drive In A Manner Causing Loss Of Traction)

Result/ Withdrawal of charge

Police made no investigative effort in the incident. Our client immediately returned to the location of the alleged offence and took photos of the road which showed no skid marks. Further it is a defence to the charge if he did not intend to lose traction, which was clear on the evidence. Prosecution initially refused to withdraw the charge because they would have had to reimburse our client’s impound fee. We had costs reserved after the informant attempted to adjourn the contested hearing because he wanted to attend a music festival. Our client later offered to not seek his costs if the charge was withdrawn. We assume the informant got to the festival.

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