Breach of Chief Health Officer Direction / Diversion

Case: Diversion for Protesting lockdown Laws.

Client presented at Parliament House with a megaphone peacefully protesting the Victorian pandemic lockdown laws. Police attended and gave him a fine for breaching the Chief Health Officer directions. Client elected to have the matter taken to court due to the laws being against the Australian Constitution and implied freedom of political communication.

Charges/ Ch1 (breach of Chief Health Officer direction)

Result/ Diversion granted – $350 donation

The case of Cotterill -v- Romanes held that the lockdown laws were lawful in curtailing the right to protest, however this was being appealed in the High Court. Client decided he wanted the matter dealt with as long as he didn’t receive a criminal record as Cotterill may take years before there is a decision. Diversion was a good outcome as it met our client’s objective and he paid less than the original fine.

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