Recklessly Cause Injury & Drug Possession / Withdrawn

Case: Security guard charged for ejecting Drunk & violent Patron.

Our client was charged following ejection of a drunk patron at a nightclub who assaulted security staff and made threats to kill. The patron claimed that our client punched him 3 times and caused an injury to his nose. 

Charges/ Ch1(recklessly cause injury), Ch2(possess a drug of dependence)

Result/ All charges withdrawn

Our lawyer argued that our client acted in self-defence. We reviewed the CCTV footage that showed the patron assaulting other security guards which showed him walking into the tip of an umbrella held by another guard. It also showed that our client did not punch the patron 3 times as alleged. We argued that the injury was likely caused by the tip of the umbrella. Our client refused to plead guilty and took the matter to a contested hearing. Prior to the hearing date the prosecutor withdrew the charges. This is an example of the inequity of police charges where they pick and choose who to charge. Our client was happy with the result and could move on with his life, but could not work until his case was resolved due to his security licence being suspended. He intends on making a complaint against the patron.

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