Recklessly Cause Injury / Withdrawn

Case: Withdrawal of charges from father’s revenge attack.

Our client was young in a relationship with a girl from a different cultural background. Her father was abusive to our client’s family and did not like his daughter being in the relationship. The father lured our client to his home on the pretence to “discuss” his concerns about the relationship. The father attacked our client leaving head injuries. Our client’s mum was a witness and reported the incident to police. The father also made a complaint and police decided to charge our client claiming that our client fractured his shoulder.

Charges/ Ch1 (Recklessly Cause Injury); Ch2 (Assault); Ch3 (Assault)

Result/ All charges withdrawn

We obtained a defence witness statement from our client’s mum, as well as threatening SMS messages from the girl’s father to our client’s family and brought this to the attention of prosecutors. We made submissions that the shoulder injury could not have been caused as the girl’s father alleged and was instead caused by the girl’s father wrestling our client to the ground. The police agreed to withdraw the charges and our client is now considering a personal injury claim against the girl’s father.

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