Sexual Assault, Reckless Cause Injury, Threat to Kill / Withdrawn

Case: Serious Charges From allegations by vindictive ex-partner. 

Our client found out his ex-partner had cheated on him during their relationship. The ex-partner contacted police three months after an incident she claimed our client sexually assaulted her and physically abused her. Eight months after her complaint, she produced photos showing alleged injuries from the incident. Police charged our client.

Charges/ Ch1 (sexual assault); Ch2 (recklessly cause injury); Ch3 (criminal damage); Ch4 (threat to kill)

Result/ All charges withdrawn

Our lawyer obtained evidence from our client that after they had broken up, and after the date of the alleged incident, our client and his ex-partner remained in contact as friends. We obtained defence witness letters from corroborative witnesses that outlined that it was the complainant was the person who was manipulative and abusive. We also requested police to produce the original HEIC images of the alleged injuries. IPhones allow you to change the date of photographs and it was our suspicion that the injuries may have been caused at a later date and then the date of the photograph back dated. Police agreed to withdraw the charges at the first instance.

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