Trafficking Withdrawn / $800 fine With Conviction for over 40 grams of drugs

Case: Routine traffic intercept locates traffickable amount of drugs.

Our client was stopped by police whilst crossing the street in the eastern suburbs. Police officers made observations of our client possibly being drug affected and was then searched under provisions of the Drugs, Poisons & Controlled Substances Act. Police seized 4 ziplock bags containing over 44 grams of methylamphetamine and 40 xanax pills along with over $3,000 in cash. Our client made a no comment interview.

Charges/ Ch1 (Traffick Drug of Dependence); Ch2 (possess Methylamphetamine); Ch3 (Possess drug of dependence); Ch4  (Deal with cash suspected to be proceeds of crime)

Result/ Withdrawn: Charge 1 (trafficking), 3 (possess drug of Dependence) 

Plea Guilty: Ch4 (Possession of over 40 grams of Methylamphetamine); Ch4 (Deal with cash suspected to be proceeds of crime): With Conviction fined $800

Our lawyer negotiated to resolve the matter principally on a possession charge as there was no evidence that our client engaged in any sales or transactions with respect to the drugs. Matter proceeded as a sentence indication whilst our client was in custody for other matters and a Magistrate agreed that in all the circumstances, a fine with conviction was appropriate. 

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