Theft of Motor Vehicle / $1500 Fine

Case: Loan car from friend stolen.

Client had come from a disadvantaged and violent upbringing that led him to getting into the wrong crowd. He was turning his life around and got a job overseas. A friend lent him his new car and asked him to install a tow bar. The tow bar installer found that the car was reported as stolen and called police.

Charges/ Ch1 (theft of motor vehicle); Ch2 (theft of licence plate)
Result/ Ch2:  withdrawn; Ch1: $1,500 fine with conviction + 3 month mandatory loss of licence

Client had previously spent time in jail and would not snitch on his friend. Without details of the person that lent him the vehicle our lawyer could not get the charge withdrawn. Client preferred to plea guilty as long as he avoided jail. BCL lawyer had charge 2 withdrawn as it was covered in charge 1. Magistrate was satisfied that our client had turned his life around not to warrant jail, however had to convict him due to his prior criminal history.

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