Committal / Negotiated Charge Accessory After the Fact / 7 Months Jail – Time Served

Case: OMCG shooting Resolved On lesser charge.

Our client is alleged to have been a high ranking member of an outlaw motorcycle group and was charged with reckless conduct endangering life and reckless conduct endangering serious injury in relation to a drive-by shooting on a residential property in the suburbs. 
Charges/ Ch1 (reckless conduct endangering life); Ch2 (reckless conduct endangering serious injury); Ch3 (Fail to provide information to access telecoms)
Result/ Ch1, 2, 3: withdrawn; Plead Guilty to negotiated charge accessory after the fact, 7 months time served
Our lawyer successfully negotiated the charges down to a single charge of accessory after the fact pursuant to s.325(1) of the Crimes Act 1958. Following a plea of guilty to the single charge in the County Court, our client received a straight sentence of imprisonment for a period 7 months reckoning time served.

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