Unlawful Assault / Withdrawn (Jail Avoided)

Case: 15 serious assault charges dropped.

Our client suffered mental health and substance abuse problems and previously lost his licence for drink driving. A female friend alleged that he viciously assaulted her multiple times and damaged her car. 
Charges/ Ch1-3 (damage property); Ch4 (stalking); Ch5-22 (unlawful assault); Ch23-25 (recklessly cause injury); Ch26 (dangerous driving); Ch27 (drink driving)
Result/ Ch4-25: withdrawn;  Ch1-3, 26, 27:  24 month Community Corrections Order (therapeutic), 24 month loss of licence
BCL lawyer had the stalking and assault charges withdrawn on the grounds that our client committed no assault and there were witnesses that could corroborate this. The remaining charges were of a lesser seriousness that warranted our client avoiding jail and being placed on a Community Corrections Order instead. A therapeutic order was made focused on rehabilitation rather than community service punishment. The court gave our client mandatory minimum loss of licence due to prior drink driving offences.

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